Best Books (aka What's on My Nightstand): The Love Lies

I read Debrena Jackson Gandy's first book, Sacred Pampering Principles, over 20 years ago when I was in college. So reading her latest, The Love Lies, was like a Sage Mentor whispering in my ear, though the truth telling she does is far from faint. In fact, the book begins with a bold warning: "This book could be hazardous to the insane love relationship beliefs you've come to hold as true." And it does just that. The Love Lie that most hit home for me was #6: "Having Expectations Gets Me What I Want from a Man," because you could replace "a Man" with "People" and most of the chapter still holds. She beautifully describes the "spiraling downward" of a relationship plagued by women's unrealistic unmet expectations, which I had to admit I have at the office, too. This book is highly interactive. You'll need to #droptheball on multitasking in order to fully experience all of the exercises. But if you do, it will, as the subtitle suggests, transform your relationships and enrich your love life.