Post-Election Silver Linings

My father is an eternal optimist. The man has never seen a bad movie. I can't recall him speaking ill of anyone. In fact he just told me last weekend that he didn't like it when I cut my hair but he didn't want to tell me for fear of hurting my feelings (I cut my hair over 20 years ago). So ever since the election result came in there's been one question swirling in my mind: How is my dad going to spin this one? This week I got my answer. And during our conversation he said a lot of things I wasn't ready to listen to. But here's the silver lining that I did hear: "Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life fighting for women, children, and families. Candidates can be defeated. Purpose cannot. At the end of her life we'll be celebrating, not mourning, her history making campaign. And she will have done more to advance women and girls as a private citizen than she ever would have encumbered by the presidency." I know...I know. But my father does have a track record. Almost everything he's told me in my life that I ever doubted has come true, especially this: You'll be ok.