A Peek Inside My Village: Keisha Smith-Jeremie

I have a deep affection for applesauce (as in, I eat an entire jar with a spoon in one sitting). So I was over the moon when I discovered that one of my Peer Mentors, Keisha Smith-Jeremie, makes the best ever with exotic flavors. I've been picking up jars from her doorman for months and am thrilled to announce that with the launch of her new company, sanaía, you can indulge, too. When I asked Keisha how she was able to launch her applesauce empire while simultaneously slaying as Chief Human Resources Officer at News Corp, she let me in on her ball dropping strategy: "I elevated members of my team to manage several projects that I had seen to fruition over the years. If it wasn't a new or complex project, I placed them in the drivers seat with me providing critical advice and insight along the way. It would never have been possible to launch sanaía in 6 months had I not given myself permission to do this." Our tastebuds are loving you, Keisha.