Even Superheroes Need Help

There's only one thing you need to do over the next 48 hours to advance women's leadership: Go see Wonder Woman. And if you need to #droptheball on viewing, just go online and buy a ticket. I've spent most of my career focused on strategies to get more women into the highest levels of leadership, and the biggest barrier remains a culture obsessed with women primarily occupying two roles—wife and mother. I occupy these roles myself and I love them, but I also relish being an executive, an entrepreneur, a writer, a lover, and a catalyst for change. Unfortunately we don't see enough women on screen who are simultaneously strong, complex, sensual, intelligent, and comfortable wielding their power. Not only do our girls grow up thinking they must be one dimensional characters, the public doesn't get practice rooting for badass women. Insidious bias against female leaders is the biggest reason we lost the Oval Office. Let's win at the box office this weekend.