Get a Raise (and a Rope)

This week I felt like I was watching an episode of the Super Friends where they had to battle their evil Super Friend counterparts that lived in an alternate universe. I'm in London for the UK release of Drop the Ball, and the women on this side of the pond were celebrating the passing of a new law requiring companies with 250 or more employees to publicize their gender pay gaps. It's an accountability measure for a country where equal pay has been the law for more than 40 years. Meanwhile, in the US, women rallied around Equal Pay Day, raising awareness of the fact that women continue to be paid 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. Among many organizations, Levo launched our annual #Ask4More and Lean In their #20PercentCounts campaigns (which you should join ASAP). Unfortunately, all of this seemingly went unnoticed by a President that just a few days before signed a bill that rolled back the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule that protected women from wage discrimination in Federal contracting. Where is Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth when you need it?