A Peek Inside My Village: Rachel Cargle


The most rewarding part of investing in superstars is seeing them soar. Every time I see another media mention of Rachel Cargle or read one of her articles I pinch myself. Two months ago she and I were on the same stage being honored by Girls Leadership for using our voice to advance women and girls and I couldn't have been more proud.

Rachel Cargle is an activist, writer, and lecturer. Through her academic work she explores the intersection of race and womanhood, offering the tools and facilitating the frank conversation that is desperately needed in our polarizing discourse. She leads anti-racism intensive workshops and provides much needed inspiration to her 250k + social media following. Rachel has also captured the attention of other incredible writers and thought leaders. Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown, and Cheryl Strayed all support her work. It's no wonder, because Rachel is wise beyond her years.

When I asked her what she's had to drop the ball on in order to create impact in the world she shared a recent life lesson that was related to the two of us. She reminded me that many moons ago she worked for me and that I had transitioned her out of the role because it wasn't a good fit. I had practically forgotten about that and have since hired Rachel for other roles. She admitted that she had felt terrible that she hadn't delivered for me but had learned, "It's possible to disappoint people...it's possible to fail...and everything will be ok. We often identify stumbling blocks as major setbacks, but instead, if we let them, they can be some of our greatest lessons turned launching pads towards exactly what we had been pushing towards all along." I'll say, because recalling that history made me respect and love Rachel Cargle even more.