Best Books (aka What's on My Nightstand): Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani

Have you ever felt so much pressure to perform that it felt the world was caving in? If the answer is yes, stop reading this review and go order Reshma Saujani's book, Brave, Not Perfect: How to Fail More, Care Less, and Live Bolder, which launches today, February 5th!

I received an advance copy last year on the heels of launching The Cru, and it was one of the most important books that I read as an entrepreneur. First, Reshma demystifies the cultural socialization that explains why myself and millions of other women are perfectionists to begin with. Hard wired to please everyone, we often deliver for others at our own expense, leaving us depleted and unable to capitalize on opportunity. Furthermore, in an effort to demonstrate success we choose endeavors where we'll excel for fear of failure and disappointing others. Pleasing others and a fear of failure become the recipe for avoiding risks. And if you don't take risks, you don't get practice being brave.

What I appreciate about the book is that in addition to the research and theory, Reshma provides tangible tips for building your bravery. Some strategies are as simple as adding the word "yet" onto the negative declarations that come from our inner voice. For example instead of me saying over and over again, "I've never built a B2C company," I should say "I've never built a B2C company...yet." Some strategies are more labor intensive like taking on a physical challenge. All of her advice offers a path for building resiliency and steering your life offensively instead of defensively. More importantly, Reshma takes you on her own personal bravery journey, from losing two political races to founding Girls Who Code, so that you have the confidence to know you're not alone.