Best Books (aka What's on My Nightstand): The 30-Day Money Cleanse


I'm normally not into books that are high on interactive exercises and short on prose, but Ashley Feinsten Gerstley hooked me with her dedication page: For anyone who has ever been stressed about money (yeah, that would be me). The cover of her debut book, The 30-Day Money Cleanse, promises to help you "take control of your finances, manage your spending, and de-stress your money for good." I didn't achieve this result after my first read but I plan to, which is why I'm recommending it.

The book has seventeen chapters that are divided into six sections including, "Getting Started," weeks one through four, and finally "Welcome To Your New Money Lifestyle." Since I was trying to review the book quickly I simply read it cover to cover. If Ashley is reading this post she is screaming at this point because she did NOT write her book to be consumed this way. She designed The 30-Day Money Cleanse as an online course three years ago and she's now brilliantly converted the course into a workbook that takes you on the same psychological journey she's taken thousands of her clients. She's your financial accountability partner whose toughness and empathy come through in the pages.

As a reader you have to trust her and reflect on each exercise as you go along. I didn't do this the first time around, but after reviewing the book I'm so convinced the program will work that I'm officially launching my money cleanse next week. I encourage all of you who made, "get my financial house in order" one of your new years resolutions to join me. I'll loop back to let you know how it goes.