A Peek Inside My Village: Kim Keating


I first learned about Kim Keating as a launch team member to Lean In. Kim is a Lean In board member and, as everyone told me, an incredible ally and business leader. She earned her MBA from Harvard and, before pivoting to human resources, was the Chief Financial Officer at Teach for America. But it wasn't until I attended one of her workshops a few years later that I came to appreciate her formidable role as a salary negotiation slayer.

Kim is the CEO and Founder of Keating Strategies, which helps companies to develop effective talent strategies and also advises professionals on how to negotiate equitable pay. Most recently, Kim's become the new Chief Human Resources Officer at Y of Central Maryland. When I asked Kim what she's dropped the ball on in order to support so many women with getting more money she mentioned a task I used to be obsessed with but have long since abandoned: spring cleaning. "I start out the season with the best of intentions to check all the boxes on Martha Stewart’s cleaning list. But inevitably, 6 to 7 weeks later, I’ve done maybe 10% and by then it’s almost summer and who wants to be inside cleaning." Exactly! Now see, you don't have to be Marie Kondo to make an impact in the world.