Best Books (aka What's on My Nightstand): UNTRUE by Wednesday Martin

Women are so diverse that there are few books I feel should be required reading for half the population. UNTRUE by Wednesday Martin is one of them. It belongs in the feminist canon right alongside Riane Eisler's The Chalice and the Blade.

Martin's subtitle is provocative and ambitious: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust, and Infidelity Is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free. If there's one thing I know about women it's that we don't like to be told what to do, let alone what we believe. But Martin's research, which takes the reader from the Middle East twelve thousand years ago to Namibia today, along with her vivid writing, delivers on every word.

In the spirit of skipping the foreplay and getting right to it, Martin argues that women who have voracious libidos and fulfill their god-given (or nature-given if that helps the truth "go down" easier) desires by having sex with multiple people are actually normal. In fact, straight women who have been duped by more recent patriarchal trickery into sticking it out night after night...year after year...(and even more unfortunately) decade after decade having sex with the same man are out of sync with the natural order. Whether this is upsetting or freeing news to you, stop and order the book now. Regardless of how you feel about women who "cheat," Martin's accessibility, vulnerability, and authority will lure you under the sheets and tempt your reasoning into going places it's never gone before. UNTRUE, which comes out on September 18, is a book that only an expert on the history of psychoanalysis, anthropologist, pop cultural critic, feminist, wife, and mother with a doctorate in comparative literature could write. But it's most definitely a book every woman should read.