A Peek Inside My Village: Tiffany Hall


By day Tiffany Hall is Vice President and Senior Managing Counsel for U.S. Markets at MasterCard. By nights and weekends she's the Founder & CEO of Empower Cocktails, the first of which is a refreshing Cosmopolitan Martini made with Sweet Potato Vodka, triple sec, white cranberry, and lime. It was featured in the MTV Video Music Awards gift bags and was also the official cocktail at the NAACP Image Awards and the Writers Guild Awards.

The brand's success can be attributed to Tiffany's willingness to leverage her own power as a multi-industry executive—she formerly worked at Atlantic Records—and her relentlessness as an entrepreneur. When I asked Tiffany how she's managed to advance two careers simultaneously, she admitted that she's dropped the ball on enjoying vacations. "Each time I travel for relaxation, I work almost every day on either my business or my day job." If you can relate to this dilemma I encourage you not to beat yourself up over it. It could be an indication that you're a workaholic, but it could also be proof that your work is fueled by your passion and purpose, which is a beautiful problem to toast to.