A Peek Inside My Village: Aisha McShaw

A month ago I was in need of a dress for an all-white wedding I'm officiating. After spending a frustrating hour online, unable to find anything simple, elegant, and timeless, I had one thought: I need Aisha McShaw.

Aisha and I met a few years ago at BET's Leading Women Defined Summit and I have since been captivated by two things. 1) Her warm and generous spirit and 2) Her mic drop style. Because most of our conversations have centered around parenting, it was only this year that I discovered her style secret: She's designed everything I've seen her wear. After a career in banking, Aisha finally said yes to her calling and launched her own design company that delivers timeless elegance for the modern woman.

When I asked her what she's had to #droptheball on in order to fully live her purpose she didn't miss a beat: "Being the 'perfect' mom." Aisha used to feel that being there for her daughter meant her constant physical presence, but she's had to learn to let that go. Now, she feels that she's teaching her teenage daughter to pursue her dreams by modeling what it looks like to prioritize them. Luckily for all of us, Aisha's dreams are jaw dropping. She'll be debuting her Fall 2018 line at the ESSENCE festival later this week. Her theme? Empowered by Fashion. Unfortunately I won't be there to give Aisha a congratulatory hug, but thanks to her artistry I'll be looking fabulous at the wedding.