Best Books: (aka What's on My Nightstand): Born With Wings by Daisy Khan

I had the privilege of working with Daisy Khan years ago when she served on the board of a non-profit I ran. She's one of my sages, a staunch advocate for women's rights, and has risen as one of the most prominent Muslim voices in America. Her new memoir, Born With Wings: The Spiritual Journey of a Modern Muslim Woman, chronicles her ascent with beautiful intimacy. Throughout her journey—from her upbringing in the Himalayan mountains, her climb up the corporate ladder in New York City, her marriage to an imam, to her birth as an activist—you become first-hand witness to the emergence of a global leader. What's most fascinating is that while Khan is a force of nature, the book reads like a whisper in your ear.

It's the perfect book for any woman struggling to find her purpose or reconcile that purpose with her ambition. And in a world where ugly stereotypes about Muslims are rampantly fueled through animated sitcoms, advertising, and tweets from the Oval Office, Born with Wings breaks through the noise. Khan writes, "All Islam requires is that people believe in God; abide in truth, patience, and humility; give alms; observe the fast; guard their chastity; and remember God." I will always remember this touching account of one woman's journey to find hers.