A Peek Inside My Village: Candice Cook


When entrepreneurs send a bat signal, attorney Candice Cook answers the call. She launched her private practice as a corporate litigator and has since expanded to include intellectual property, digital media, technology, mobile, and entertainment. Not only is she keen on legality, she supports business owners with the strategy they need to soar. She's won many awards and has been featured in the American Bar Association Journal, O Magazine, Elle Magazine, and The Today Show. She's also a wife and mother of an infant.

When I asked Candice what she's had to #droptheball on in order to respond to the needs of herself, her family, and her clients, her answer resonated with me: "I have dropped the ball on having a 'picture perfect' home and instead have a 'lived in,' 'mismatched' home that will probably never be worthy of the pages of Architecture Digest or an Instagram post. My focus is on my health, family, doing great work, and advocating for a better world. The fabulous curtains and mind-blowing artwork will have to wait." You can follow Candice's non-interior decorating posts on Instagram at @CandiceSC1of1 and her insights on Twitter at @CandiceSC1.