A Peek Inside My Village: Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen Rita Wong is a writer, producer, and investor. She gets the May shout out because she's the first investor in my new venture, THE CRU, which I'm launching this month. But let's make it clear—there are at least 365 reasons to celebrate her awesomeness every single day.

As the former co-creator and host of CNBC's "On The Money," professor of behavioral economics, and author of two best-selling finance books, Carmen knows a lot about where to put her money. She also cares about where she puts her time, serving on the boards of Planned Parenthood, Dress For Success, and Futuro Media Group. Her novels are also my guilty pleasure.

When I asked Carmen what she's had to drop the ball on in order to fuel her entrepreneurial endeavors, and those of so many others, and be an engaged mom, she shared the challenge of slowing down. “I drop the ball on taking a minute. Smell flowers, watch a show, soak in rays—those little breaks don't happen but one day I’ll schedule them on the regular.” I found this ironic because Carmen is the first person to take a minute to brighten someone else's day. Ask any of her countless friends who regularly receive texts that begin, "Hola mama!" But I know a lot of other women struggle with this, too. The key is to #droptheball on scheduling "taking a minute" and just engage another source to remind you, whether it's an affirmation app or someone you love. The concept that being successful requires flawless self-care is a myth we should bust, especially when, like Carmen, we're busy busting barriers.