A Media Legend Is Reborn: Debra Lee's New Beginning


Despite the nor'easter that hit some parts of the country, this was the first week of spring, a time for renewal and rebirth. I spent most of it in Miami at BET's Leading Women Defined, which capped with a celebration of Debra Lee, who recently stepped down as President after serving 32 years at the company. The annual summit was Ms. Lee's brainchild and she is leaving BET stronger than ever as the #1 network for African American audiences.

I was invited to speak at Leading Women Defined in 2015 and the experience accelerated my career. Not only have women in the sisterhood hired me to speak and amplified #droptheball, Ms. Lee has made introductions and supported me at every turn. In 2016 I was honored to be an inaugural contributor for BET's new show, The Round. What is remarkable about Ms. Lee is that she is both respected and liked—a rare combination for a powerful woman to pull off. She is an unapologetically strong and fierce leader yet she is simultaneously kind, nurturing, and generous. Like so many others I'm filled with enormous gratitude for the opportunities she has made possible and I wish her the best as she transitions into her new beginning.