A Peek Inside My Village: Minda Harts

I declared myself Minda Harts’ mentor the same day I met her. She didn’t ask for this. I just wanted to secure my seat on her skyrocketing journey, and oh what a ride it’s been. Minda has blazed her own path from being the first in her family to attend college to founder & CEO of The Memo, a platform devoted to helping women of color take control of their careers by providing access to boot camps, thriving community events, and inspiring leader. On top of this she has her #SecureTheSeat podcast and a book coming out in the fall of 2019, also called The Memo, that shares much-needed career advice for women of color.

When I asked her what she’s had to drop the ball on in order to be an entrepreneurial superstar, she admits she wishes she spent more quality time with her girlfriends: “I am so busy building my business that I drop the ball on having girl talk and just hanging out with my Cru!” While she might not have a ton of free time, Minda is helping thousands of women on their professional journeys and encouraging them to grab their rightful seat at the table. Technically, she’s building the biggest Cru of all.