A Peek Inside My Village: Keli Goff

Keli Goff Headshot January 2018.jpg

My first book would not have been a bestseller without the writing prowess of Keli Goff, who published the fiercest review on the day of its release. In addition to being a columnist for The Daily Beast and writer for the TV series Black Lightning, Keli is a producer of the new Netflix documentary "Reversing Roe," which chronicles the history of America's political and legal battles over abortion. Keli was inspired to begin working on "Reversing Roe" nearly five years ago when she became frustrated with the lack of nuance that colored most coverage of reproductive rights issues.

When I asked Keli what she's had to drop the ball on in order to manage so many projects, she mentioned that this year she missed not one, but two, close friends' birthdays. "They are both like sisters to me and I was mortified. But they showed me such grace and understanding, for which I am eternally grateful," she says. Their generosity allowed Keli to drop the ball on her guilt, which is one of the most difficult things for a woman to do. Even if we don't have friends as forgiving as Keli's, it's so important that we be forgiving of ourselves. It's how we embrace our full potential.