A Peek Inside My Village: Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell - Headshot.jpg

Zerlina Maxwell is a disrupter with an agenda. She's currently the Director of Progressive Programming for SirusXM. Before that she was sending all of us daily messages as the Director of Progressive Media for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and serving as one of its fiercest spokespersons.

Whether she's on TV as a regular commentator for MSNBC or on the stage with Lady Gaga at the 88th Academy Awards, Zerlina is fighting for justice and the most marginalized. Of course, being on the front lines has required relentlessness. When I asked Zerlina what she's had to #droptheball on in order to be such a powerful media thought leader in our 24-hour news cycle, she said, "I've dropped the ball on taking vacations." I can confirm this because I met with her two days after Christmas...at her office.

Fortunately she's since booked a Caribbean getaway. If a beach margarita isn't in the cards for you anytime soon, even a few hours in an environment that rejuvenates you, whether it's a spa, a museum, or your bed, can do wonders for your well-being. And if it's on a Saturday at 10am, check out Zerlina's show, Signal Boost, on the SiriusXM Progress Channel 127.