Best Books (aka What's on My Nightstand): The Power of Onlyness

In the next few months I'm launching a new venture that wouldn't have happened had I not read Nilofer Merchant's The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough To Dent The World. She sent me an early copy to get my thoughts but her book didn't inspire me to think, it inspired me to act—over and over.

Since reading this book I've found myself sharing more of my truth in meetings and scheduling lunches with industry leaders to get feedback about my new ideas. I'm not sure what Nilofer did to shut up the voice in my head that says, "It'll never work," but Cynthia (my name for my hater voice) has been refreshingly quiet for weeks. The only thing I wanted more of from this book was Nilofer herself. She opens with a riveting story about defying her family's plan for her arranged marriage and I was dying to have her personal story woven through the very end. But for anyone who is aching to stand more firmly in their uniqueness, and to leverage their contributions for good, this book has earned its placed in the canon of innovation.