A Peek Inside My Village: Binta Niambi Brown

One of the things I admire about Binta Niambi Brown is that she's a maverick. Her most recent maneuver is the perfect example: She left a prestigious law firm (where she was partner) to launch Big Mouth Records, an innovative label whose debut artist has already earned a Grammy.

When I asked Binta to share which balls she's dropped in order to follow her passion the list was long. "Oh, I’m all about dropping balls! I regularly drop the ball on managing personal business…I drop the ball on sleep, observing weekends...dating… and remembering to take mental and personal breaks…remembering to count to three and breathe before responding to something that’s upset me…but the biggest ball I drop, is remembering to forgive myself for past mistakes and allowing myself to learn from them and recover quickly. That last one is a shame, cause… I make a lot of mistakes!"

Binta reminds us all that being successful is not about being perfect, its about identifying and leveraging our unique contribution.