When Your Path Takes You Back to the Beginning

In 2004, my husband and I moved from Seattle to Boston and I joined Simmons College as a Major Gift Officer. I was drawn to the college's track record in advancing women and immediately felt enveloped by the community. Two of my current mentees are young women I met when they were leaders in the Black Student Organization at that time. Leaving Simmons two years later was bittersweet. I wanted to support my husband's career with our move to New York, but I knew I would miss the friendships and the encouragement I received at Simmons. This week it all came full circle as I joined the college again—this time as a Trustee. As I walked through the halls during my orientation, I reconnected with a few of my former colleagues who had taken me under their wing thirteen years ago. I thanked them for their mentorship and counsel. I consider my board service Simmons' return on the investment they made in me. I'm committed to paying it forward.