A Peek Inside My Village: Reshma Saujani

There is a picture of Reshma Saujani next to the word resilience in the dictionary. After losing two major runs for public office, she decided to serve the world in a different capacity—as founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. I'd argue that she's making an even greater impact: the non-profit has reached more than 40,000 girls in 50 states. When I asked Reshma how she's been able to launch a national non-profit and also be an incredible wife, mother, and friend, she admitted that she's had to let some things go: "I haven't kept up with my meditations or date night." No worries, Reshma. The first step to dropping the ball is forgiving ourselves for doing so, especially when we're tied up changing the world. You can join the movement to close the gender gap in technology by pre-ordering the first set of Girls Who Code Books, which will be released on August 22nd.