Setting a Secret, Audacious Goal

Have you ever set a goal that was so audacious you didn't tell anyone for fear that other people would know about your likely failure? As a female empowerment enthusiast, I'm embarrassed to confess I did this two years ago. Disenchanted by my newfound experience with the lack of diversity in the publishing industry I decided that I would do my small part by connecting aspiring female authors with female literary agents in my network. My goal: cultivate enough positive matches to collectively generate $1MM in book deals for women. I'm elated (and a bit stunned) to announce that we did it. Libby McGuire recently negotiated the sale of Elizabeth Wallace and Hana Schank's forthcoming book to Viking Press. It was the final deal that took this experiment over the million dollar mark. While you're patiently waiting for Elizabeth and Hana's literary masterpiece, be sure to check out "The Ambition Interviews," a series of essays they wrote for the Atlantic that the book will be based off of (like the one pictured below). And remember this: audacious goals are probably worth shouting from the rooftops.