Just Do It

Two Saturdays ago I woke up with a vibrant vision of me and four other women I know sitting on a pink couch with tea mugs, laughing and learning together. I got up and asked my 8-year-old daughter to draw it for me so that I wouldn't forget it. Then I did something I normally wouldn't do: I sent all of the women a text message telling them that they were in a vision I just had and invited them to a dinner. I had no strategy. I had no plan. I simply took action. I wouldn't have done this except for the fact that I've been reading my friend Nilofer Merchant's forthcoming book, The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World. It's about how, if you can tap into your purpose and engage other people who are equally passionate, you can create enormous impact. And one of the things I've learned from Nilofer is the importance of not thinking too hard before taking action. This week I hosted an incredible dinner with the women in my vision. It was beautiful and there is more to come. But in the meantime I'm dittoing the most popular adage ever: Just Do It.