When NOT To Drop the Ball

The requests for my physical presence have increased exponentially since my book launch in February. It's humbling but overwhelming because I can't be in more than one place at once. I've had to be even more relentless about what I say yes to. This week I was thrilled to accept an invitation to the spring benefit for A Better Balance, a nonprofit that provides pro bono legal services and advocacy to help low-income working parents. Two important members of my village were honored at the event: Shifra Bronznick, Founding President of Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community, and Jennifer Allyn, Diversity Strategy Leader at PwC. Both Shifra and Jennifer have provided me invaluable insight and sponsorship throughout my career. I couldn't imagine missing their recognition. There are lots of things I encourage women to let go of in order to flourish at work and in life. Dropping the ball on the people who have invested in you isn't one of them.