A Peek Inside My Village: Elsa Mehary

I've always felt that artists were more liberated than the general population. So knowing Elsa Mehary has been a breath of fresh air. She's an editorial art director at Time Inc. and I was introduced to her work when I spoke at their company's women's event. All of the sistahs from ESSENCE were wearing her gold "woke" necklace, and I had to have one (as should any conscious woman on your holiday gift list).

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When I asked Elsa what she's had to #droptheball on in order to slay at juggling both a full-time job and a side hustle, I learned about a beauty strategy that is one of my secrets, too. "I've dropped the ball on having the perfect coif so most days I wear a hat. As a Black woman hair is power and mine was always perfection, but since starting a business a few years ago I have had to prioritize inner work, self care, hot yoga, meditation, and being an entrepreneur! The sacrifice is worth it." I can't slay in a hat like Elsa, but I cut my hair 20 years ago to save time too. Fortunately, she reassures us that the most important headpiece to wear is "your invisible crown."