A Peek Inside My Village: Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan is persistent—and she's got the network to prove it. As founder of the global leadership conference, S.H.E. Summit, she's got everyone from Deepak Chopra to Kelly Clarkson on speed dial. What I respect most about Claudia is that she incessantly pursues gender equality and empowerment for every woman. Her new book, This Is How We Rise, is her latest effort to support women in reaching their highest potential.

Claudia Chan_author photo.jpg

When I asked Claudia what she's dropped the ball on in order to reach her own potential, she mentioned the first thing that usually goes out the window for new moms: exercise. "I've had 2 babies in 2+ years and I think I have done real sweat-producing exercise less than 24 times in that whole period."

Whether a parent or not, most women are in this same boat. The most important strategy to get out of it is to stop beating ourselves up over this common experience and to start moving our bodies, one little step at a time. Take a work call while walking around the block. Dance to Beyonce while the pasta is boiling. Challenge your 11 year old to see who can do more push ups. As I've learned from Claudia, tiny acts of relentlessness pay off big.