A New Face at the Feminist Press

The highlight of my week was attending the 2017 Feminist Power Awards, hosted by the Feminist Press. Since 1970, the Feminist Press has published works that advance women's rights and has given a platform to the voices that many others have tried to silence. This year's honorees included Riane EnslerJenny Lumet, and Sheri Salata, who reminded us that, "The most important story I can tell is the one about myself to myself."

What was most exciting to me about the event was the opportunity to support their new Executive Director and Publisher, Jamia Wilson. She is the first woman of color and the youngest person to serve in this role, and her ascension represents a refreshing new era in the movement. All of us are the cumulative investment of others and I was beaming with pride to know that the world is receiving an extraordinary return on the investment so many have made in her talent. Congratulations, Jamia.