A Peek Inside My Village: Lauren Maillian

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Lauren Maillian doesn't just take up her own space, she makes room for others. I benefitted from her generosity earlier this year when she made it possible for me to speak at the Apollo's Dining with Divas luncheon just days before my book release. Lauren is an entrepreneur, investor, #rockmom, and author who has blazed The Path Redefined. But despite her gorgeous Instagram feed, her life isn't flawless.

Recently, when she posted images of her son going back to school and a few folks commented on his extraordinarily long tie, Lauren kindly pointed out to the naysayers how proud she was that he had tied it himself. When I asked her what she's had to let go of in order to live a life she's passionate about, that tie was the first thing she mentioned: "I've dropped the ball on forcing my children to get perfectly ready for school to meet my expectations. Eventually, they started to care and figured it out themselves! Viola!"

As a single working mom, Lauren admits she's struggled with putting herself first, but she's managed to get expansive with her time and do small things that keep her feeling vibrant. "I've built them into my calendar because it's that important to my happiness," she says. Amen to happiness.