My Brilliant Family

This one goes out to my incredible family—Kojo, Kofi, and Ekua—who managed to be hospitable, charming, and photogenic for an entire day while a New York Times photojournalist shadowed us for this week's Sunday Routine. I'm a typical mom of siblings, which means on most days I should be donning a black and white striped shirt and a whistle to referee the arguments. There were none. And my husband, who values our Sunday downtime, was warm and graceful despite having to be "on." Of course the day turned out to be unforgettable, mostly due to the indelible Michelle Agins, who has been honing her lens for over 40 years. How she's able to be such a powerful presence and simultaneously a "fly on the wall" is astounding, but that's probably how she earned her Pulitzer. It was a lesson in poise under pressure for us all.