Rise of the "Bad Moms"

My pores are bursting with gratitude this week over all of the likes, retweets, and comments in response to my first Refinery 29 piece, "Why the 'Bad Mom' Myth Hurts Everyone." Of course, not everyone agreed with me that there is no such thing as a bad mom. But I've decided to consider hate mail a positive sign that I'm creating real change in the world. My new career goal: protestors outside my apartment. I was extremely touched by the new moms, like my friend Chloe Drew, who wrote to tell me that the piece helped them get over their mom guilt for traveling for work or missing their child's first steps. But the best line came from my Levo colleague, David Butler, who simply responded: "Anyone who has enough self-awareness to ask 'Am I a bad parent?,' probably isn't." Very good point.