Cheers to the Old (and New) Girls Club

Behind every successful woman is a supportive village and I've got some incredible women in mine. I was reminded of this a few times this week. First, my friend Susannah Wellford, President & Founder of Running Start, published a beautiful US News article about the importance of women opening doors for one another. Then I got a sneak peek at Jessica Bennett's hysterical guide and manifesto, Feminist Fight Club, which you must stop and pre-order right now.

My most inspiring girls club moment, though, was celebrating Irene Dufu's 80th birthday at our family reunion in London. My mother-in-law has been my backbone for nearly twenty years, shaping my womanhood with her sage wisdom and providing everything from childcare to the most amazing Ghana fashions. Of course her greatest gift to me was her son, but that's for another blog (and a forthcoming book).