I'm Giddy To Be on TV (and Not For the Reason You Think)

One of my toughest parenting challenges has been teaching my daughter, Ekua, how to love herself. Right now she's obsessed with long hair (that she doesn't have) and recently observed aloud during a taxi ride that all the women on the taxi TV had long hair. It was her 7 year-old way of telling me that her desire to conform to societal beauty standards is not her fault. Even though I whisper in her ear she's beautiful, the world keeps screaming at her otherwise. I watched the entire taxi TV loop in dismay as I discovered she was right. "But mommy has short hair," I countered, "and don't you think mommy is beautiful?" She looked up at me with frustration and pity. "Of course I think you're beautiful, mommy, but you're not on the TV!" Words can't describe the jubilation I felt this week when I announced to Ekua that I was going to be featured in a new Centric TV series: The Round. The show consists of 8-minute talks from empowering women. Please tune in (with my daughter!) to watch my episode on Saturday, September 10 at 8pm PST/11pm EST. Here's a sneak peek: