Stop the Slaying: Beyonce Speaks Out

Just as I was on a high forwarding Jesse Williams BET Awards speech for the millionth time, the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have brought me back down to earth. In the wake of the string of killings that birthed the #BlackLivesMatter movement I have increasingly felt a sense of hopelessness. I've spoken out. I've lobbied. I've dragged my children to marches. But the madness doesn't stop. It feels like a recurring nightmare. Fortunately one of my favorite feminists has reminded all of us that we must never stop using our power and influence to to demand change. She used her official website and social media to urge her fans to contact their local politicians. "We all have the power to channel our frustration and anger into action." Thank you Queen Bey.

Go to her site to read the full message.