What Might Surprise You About Leadership & Housework

This week I'm getting a lot of feedback from you ladies on my latest Forbes piece, The Surprising Way Housework Factors Into Breaking the Glass Ceiling. If you haven't heard, Lean In and McKinsey released their annual Women in the Workplace 2016 research in September. The study takes a look at the state of women in corporate America—what roles they are taking, what opportunities they have, what are their hopes, dreams, and motivations. The media coverage I saw focused on the admittedly depressing stats: women are less likely to received feedback and promotions than men—even when they ask for it; women have less access to senior leaders; and the CEO pipeline has a serious lack of women.

But here's what really caught my attention: Women are less interested in becoming senior leaders in the first place. And one reason why, in my opinion, is very fixable. At every level of the career ladder, women spend more time folding clothes and wiping tiny little noses than men do, and it’s a problem because it stunts our career ambition. Read more here to find out what we all can do to solve this and let me know what you think.