You Are So Much More Than Your Relationship Status (and Google Results)

This week I asked my assistant, Jasmine, to gather some information about a few incredible women in my network to pitch them on a project. An hour into it, Jasmine let me know she was having trouble finding any info about one woman, except to whom she was married. My heart immediately sank. I happen to know that this woman is an absolute powerhouse. She's an amazing artist, serves on non-profit boards, and has launched at least two national social justice campaigns. But sure enough, her digital footprint reflects nothing of her accomplishments or the impact she's making in the world—it only shows that she's someone's wife.

From the time that we're given a pink blanket in the hospital, females are socially conditioned to define ourselves in relationship to others. Late in our lives this conditioning morphs into pressure to be good daughters, good wives, good mothers, good sisters, good friends, good workers, and good citizens. We are rarely taught how to be good to ourselves.

Now, it's possible that this powerhouse woman has purposely tried to evade any online recognition. And we, of course, shouldn't define ourselves solely by Google results! But this was a gentle reminder that women's value is in who we are and what we bring to the world—regardless of who we're attached to.

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