So here's the downside to a purpose-driven life focused on advancing women and girls: Tuesday night felt like a personal deathblow. I know it sounds crazy, but my own devastation has sparked empathy for Trump supporters. Feeling powerless is a huge motivator for exercising whatever power you have, and in this case, it was their vote. Working class whites in the middle of our country are hurting and they exercised their civic right. I met them while canvassing in Pennsylvania and I abhor some of their beliefs, but they went into the ballot booth in unprecedented numbers for the same reason 95% of black women voted for Hillary: they felt what was at stake for them. I can respect that. After I mourn, I pledge to do what I can to keep the nation moving forward, together. As Hillary told us during her concession speech: "Never doubt that fighting for what you believe in is worth the setbacks." This election is settled. And we will come back. Here I am with my political mother, Marie Wilson, who consoled me on the convention floor by reminding me, "We'll get through this. Women always do, hon."