We're a peer to peer coaching platform for women looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth. You apply to become a member and an algorithm matches you with nine other women in your city based on your personality, values, demographics, and goals. The ten of you become a Cru and collaborate to help one another meet your life goals via in person quarterly gatherings and a digital goal tracking tool. 


want to join a Cru? we’ll help you find one.

There is a fee to join.


why I founded The Cru

I've done a lot of great stuff. Through it all, I've had one goal: A world in which women's gifts and voices are fully harnessed for the benefit of us all. I work hard, but the secret to my success is my Cru—a fabulous circle of women. They know my good, bad, and ugly. They help me create a plan. They hold my feet to the fire. They make introductions, buy my books, and retweet my ideas. They have me in stitches. They don't judge me when I leave tears on their nice clothes. We have each other's back. I'm so grateful for everything they've done for me that I'm now inspired to do the same for you. Every woman needs a Cru.


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