Why I Founded The Cru

The Cru story began with a vision. On April 15, 2017, I woke up with an image of five women huddled together on a sofa, drinking tea and reveling in each other’s company. These women were taking turns sharing their ambitions and responding to questions and feedback posed to them by the others in the group. They were laughing, learning, and growing together. It was morning. I rushed into my 8-year-old daughter’s room and asked her to draw the vision so I wouldn’t forget it.


Even then, I knew that this vision represented the next step in my journey of advancing women. I’d run a national women’s training organization, served as Chief Leadership Officer at a technology company for millennial women, and consulted Fortune 500 companies on their female retention strategies. I’d even authored a bestselling book for women. But I knew I needed to push this work further and more tangibly. My experience had shown me that even the most successful women needed a circle of support to achieve their goals. I felt as if I was being called to show them how to create one.

Still, my first attempts to manifest the vision didn’t work. I took the number five too literally and tried starting a company with four other women. I tried writing a book about the power of female friendship. I attempted to launch a video series to show women how to create community. But everything I tried was a nonstarter and everything I tried failed.

One morning, I was having breakfast with a woman who was very successful in her career, but had unfulfilled ambitions. She was smart and she worked hard, but felt like she was missing something. When I shared my vision of a peer group that could help her create and execute a plan, hold her accountable, and leverage their combined resources and network to help her thrive, the woman protested, “But Tiffany, even if these amazing women are out there, I don’t have time to find them. I’m too busy taking care of other people.” Listening to this amazing woman feeling so frustrated, I realized that my purpose wasn’t to show women how to find their circle of support, my purpose was to do the searching for them.

I made the woman a promise: “Don’t worry. I’ll help you find them.” This is how The Cru was born.